Human trafficking and sexual exploitation are rife in our beautiful country, South Africa, just as they are around the rest of the world. But not enough attention is being given to the fact that sexual exploitation is slowly destroying our society and this social illness has reached cataclysmic proportions.

When we look at the number of victims reaching out to organisations like Hope For Women for help, we have no doubt that unless we get help from within our communities, our city will be in great trouble.

The size of this social ill is too great for any one organisation to deal with. This is where we need you! We need the local church to come alongside us and play an active role in their community.

We need somewhere safe to send men and women who are survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. They are needing to be loved, accepted and supported by the local church. Only the warmth of a loving and nurturing environment can bring healing to these beloved people who have gone through the kind of abuse and experiences that most of us cannot even begin to imagine. Who better to administer healing to them than a church that can show them love and their true worth.

When a dear person is rescued out of the clutches of the darkness of trafficking in our city, it takes on average up to 35 resources per individual. This starts with the first responder, who takes the call for help, and ends with the Restoration & Reintegration team. Much goes on in-between.

As with everything in life this involves huge expenses. This may be an area you would like to get involved in as a body of believers. If so, we would gladly sit down and discuss how you can support our work financially.

As with any sickness, disease or social ill, prevention is better than cure. Our awareness programmes and workshops are also a means to get involved and play a part in ending human trafficking and sexual exploitation of men, women and children.

How could you practically play a part?

  1. Become a ‘hub’ in the fight against human trafficking and sexual exploitation.
  2. Discipleship programmes
  3. Counselling
  4. Financial support
  5. Education
  6. Re-skilling and reintegration
  7. Awareness programmes: host workshops, movie nights.
  8. Fundraising events

How can we help you?

  1. Educate and equip you on spreading the message of Hope, Love & Justice in the fight putting an to end Human Trafficking
  2. Educate on the harmful effects of pornography
  3. Journey with you for a year in getting you mobilised to run Hope Teams
  4. Equip your counsellors to deal with people who are survivors of Human Trafficking, Exploitation and people who struggle with porn


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