“To love someone isn’t just a strong feeling,
it is a decision, a choice and a promise.”

We are passionate about the power of real love: a love that lasts.

The commercial sex industries have provided a counterfeit that not only fails to deliver the benefits of real relationships, but negatively impacts our sense of identity, our understanding of love, sex, purity and intimacy, and fuels exploitative practices like sex trafficking, prostitution, child pornography and sextortion.

Our Vision & Mission

Fierce Hearts was founded in 2016 with the vision to eliminate sexual exploitation and foster healthy sexual choices within our communities.

So, how are we going to do this?

Prevention & Awareness

We live in a society where commercial sex is becoming more and more acceptable, prostitution is presented as liberating for women and porn is seen as trendy and rebellious, even beneficial. They are simply entertainment; recreational activities.

This messaging is popular but dangerous, because more and more research is finding that the opposite is true, but most people simply don’t know the facts. For example, one person told us,

“Before I got involved with HFW I accepted pornography. I sort of had an uncomfortable feeling about it, but I shrugged it off because I felt like I had no grounds on which to challenge it.”

So our goal is to get the information out there: to share the findings of scientific studies looking at what happens to brains on porn, to share the stories of women in the porn industry and suffering couples where one or both are porn users, to share the statistics about kids and porn.

This has two components: one is to discourage porn use by showing the damage it does and presenting a better alternative. The other is to prevent people, especially children, from becoming victims of exploitation through the porn and prostitution industries.

To this end we have a workshop that we run to equip communities with the facts, and through this encourage people to make healthy sexual decisions for the sake of themselves and others. We present this at businesses, churches, schools and anywhere else we are invited. Since porn addiction starts much younger than most people realise, we have a particular emphasis on getting this information to teachers and parents, and also have a version of the workshop that is appropriate for school-aged children.

To protect children and teens from becoming victims of sexual exploitation, we run a programme called Protective Behaviours, which equips them on how to identify their early warning signs when they feel unsafe. This programme makes use of practical steps that educate children on what a safe situation is and what an unsafe situation is, and the steps they can take to get the right help when they feeling unsafe.

Support and Restoration

“The opposite of addiction is connection” – Johann Hari

We are very aware that for a lot of people there is shame, guilt and pain attached to porn use. So people keep quiet about their struggles, either because they don’t want to face that it’s harmful, or because they feel guilty but struggle to overcome it. And in the silence and secrecy of shame, the habit only becomes more powerful.

We want to create the safe and supportive spaces necessary for people to share their struggles with porn and encourage those who want to break the cycle. We work alongside trained leaders, psychologists, counsellors and social workers to equip leaders capable of running support groups to overcome the struggle of pornography, and bring healing to individuals and couples affected by it.

We also proactively intervene in cases of potential sexual exploitation, to extract those who are being abused and to support them, by journeying with them towards restoration, healing and reintegration into society. You can read more about our intervention and restoration work on “our work” page.

What you can do

Speak out

We encourage you to speak out. Learn the facts and communicate them with others. If you or someone you know are struggling with porn, then creating a space to communicate is also a good step.

Book a workshop

If you would like us to run a Fierce Hearts workshop at your school/church/business, then get in touch.

Get Help

If you are interested in a support group or recovery resources, or would like to share your story with us, then we encourage you to contact us directly.